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Dr. Swaminathan Ramamurthy

Dr. Swaminathan Ramamurthy

Designation Professor & Dean
School Anand School of Engineering & Technology
Department Electronics & Communication (EC)
E-mail r.swaminathan@agra.sharda.ac.in

Professional with an experience of 16+ years in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering. Specialized in Antenna Design and Mobile Communication hardware & software. Expertize in Industrial interactions and Collaboration.


16+ years


PhD, M.E

Award & Recognition

Recognitions for receiving funding from ATAL-AICTE and completing consultancy projects with NASSCOM.


  • G. Murugesan , Tousief Irshad Ahmed , Mohammad Shabaz , Jyoti Bhola , Batyrkhan Omarov
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  • N. Vigneshwar Reddy; R. Swaminathan,” Bandwidth Enhancement of Novel E-shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna with FR4 Substrate at 2.45GHz” Revista Geintec Vol.11 No.4 2021 ISSN-2237-0722.
  • Nandi Srividya; R. Swaminathan “Reduction in Return Loss of a Novel Reconfigurable Antenna at 3.4 GHz by FR4 Substrate Using Double PIN Diodes” Revista Geintec Vol.11 No.4 2021 ISSN-2237-0722
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  • R.Swaminathan,Reji,P.Muthukannan,”Exposure of Muscle Tissue to the field from a Dipole Array Antenna” International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Vol. 29, No. 5, (2020), pp. 3721- 3725.
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  • Dr.R.Swaminathan, Dr.Devrajan Gopal, “Slotted Ground Plane Microstrip patch antenna for 5G Applications” AASTU 4th Annual Research Conference on Research and Innovation forSustainable Economy May 2018.
  • P.Muthu Kannan, R.Swaminathan, V.Palanisamy, “Enhancing WLAN Security using Sector Antenna”, ICUMT, St.Pietersburg, Russia, 2009.
  • Presented a paper on Video transmission over wireless CDMA network in the National Conference on Advanced Communication Techniques (NCACT 07) held at A.C College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi on 29th & 30th March.


AI- Embedded

Area of Interest

Antenna Design, Image Processing