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Teaching Learning Centre

Teaching is a continuous learning and dynamic profession. It requires highly specialized skills and knowledge to impact significantly on student learning.

New types of expertise are required by educators. Teachers must refine their conceptual and pedagogical skills. Teaching Learning Cell is to equip them with the expertise, skills and knowledge they need for capacity building of students. TLC would engage teachers towards the student’s concern, attention and interest. The intent is to make the educational programme more meaningful and socially relevant. TLC would provide opportunities for professional and capacity building of teachers, necessary for quality education and research. Teachers are well equipped and motivated to accept new challenges emerging from the growth of new knowledge, industry requirement, international competitiveness and changing requirements of learners.


  1. To facilitate capacity building and professional development of educators.
  2. To provide assistance and support for modern pedagogical methods, curriculum and content creation, assessment and evaluation.
  3. To generate and maintain learning materials and resources for learners and teachers.
  4. To ensure the efficient and effective implementation and monitoring of established teaching and learning practices.
  5. To organize workshops, seminars and events to acquaint faculty with recent pedagogical techniques.
  6. To extend induction and orientation programs for fresh and new joining teachers.
  7. To collaborate with University partners and external colleagues for knowledge share.


To promote and develop a responsive and relevant teaching–learning system that supports innovative and transformative higher education through reflective research-based practice and the optimal use of technology with the aim of delivering quality education.


  • Facilitating a productive educational culture by motivating teachers and students towards efficient teaching learning practices.
  • Providing exposure to research-based, reflective and innovative teaching-learning methodologies and paradigms.
  • Ensuring educators to hone their existing skills and develop new skills and achieve lifelong learning work environment.
  • Monitor for efficient and effective pedagogy approach and content delivery.
  • Establishing and maintaining academic forum to unfold the challenges and opportunities in responsive teaching-learning processes.